If you could get an amazing workout,
while you learn how to protect yourself and your family,
would you do it??

That's what we do everyday at MAYSH Fitness!
Experience your first week of classes for just $15!

Adult classes include first week of MAYSH Fit classes, Self-defense classes and Open Gym.  CLICK HERE to SIGN UP for YOUR FIRST WEEK FOR $15

MAYSH KIDS classes ages 5 years to 10 years. CLICK HERE to SIGN UP YOUR KID(S) for THEIR FIRST WEEK FOR $15 
Kids Self-defense classes ages 7 years to 12 years. CONTACT MAYSH to Sign Up

MAYSH Fitness COVID Information

MAYSH has always kept a clean and hygienic environment, well before COVID19, but we're taking cleanliness a few steps further.

Click here to learn about our COVID safety and sign our COVID acknowledgement form.

Text 636-220-5775 to request a time not currently on our schedule…we're doing our best to add more class times based on demand

5:30am-6:30amMAYSH FitMAYSH FitOpen By Appointment OnlyOpen By Appointment Only
8am-9amOpen By Appointment OnlyMAYSH FitOpen By Appointment Only
9:30am-10amOpen By Appointment OnlyMAYSH KidsOpen By Appointment Only
10am-11amOpen By Appointment OnlySelf-DefenseOpen By Appointment Only
11am-12pmMAYSH FitOpen By Appointment OnlyOpen By Appointment Only
11:30am-12:30pmSelf DefenseSelf DefenseOpen By Appointment OnlyOpen By Appointment Only
5:30pm-6pmMAYSH KidsMAYSH KidsOpen By Appointment OnlyOpen By Appointment Only
6pm-6:30pmMAYSH KidsOpen By Appointment OnlyOpen By Appointment Only
6:30pm-7:30pmMAYSH FitSelf-DefenseMAYSH FitOpen By Appointment OnlyOpen By Appointment Only
7:30pm-8:30pmSelf-DefenseOpen GymSelf-DefenseOpen By Appointment OnlyOpen By Appointment Only


MAYSH KIDS class trains age-appropriate self defense, fitness and Yoga. Ages 5 - 12yrs


Adult fitness class trains Martial Arts, Yoga, Self-defense and HIIT in an interval group setting


Adult class trains self-defense techniues using BJJ, Wrestling, TKD, Muay Thai and Boxing

Open Gym

Open Gym is for members to workout alone or with other members in a non-class format

Welcome to the Future of Fitness

MAYSH Fitness uses the most results-oriented aspects of physical fitness so that our members get fit, get healthy and get empowered with a well rounded set of skills.
MAYSH Fit classes give a great interval training workout, while teaching self defense, Yoga and stretching techniques.
MAYSH Self-defense classes teach and apply practical, modern self defense techniques standing on the feet and on the ground. 

                                           No Belts.                              No-Gi.                               Classes accommodate all skill levels.           

MAYSH Fitness

MAYSH Fit Classes

MAYSH stands for Martial Arts, Yoga, Self-defense, HIIT. MAYSH Fit classes blend all these into one fitness experience.
"IMAGINE going to 1 class where you get in great physical shape, while you learn self-defense, stretching and Yoga skills?? That's what we do in EVERY MAYSH Fit class."
Members achieve level progression by demonstrating knowledge and technique using these skills in training.
Check out the current schedule.

MAYSH Fitness

Who is MAYSH for?

For all fitness levels who want a new way to keep in shape.
For us who want more than just a great workout, who want a fitness experience!
For Martial Arts newbies who want to learn self-defense but won't go to an aggressive, competition-style school.
For experienced Martial Artists who want to keep improving their skills but who want to escape the hardcore competition team environment.

MAYSH Fitness

MAYSH Self-defense Classes

MAYSH Self-defense classes focus on mastering technique, on the feet and the ground, wearing No Gis .  MAYSH Self-defense trains the most practical uses of Jiu Jitsu/BJJ, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Taekwondo and Boxing, for self defense. Open to all skill levels. Check out the current schedule.

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